Kretinga district municipality

Territory 989 km²
Population 37 575

Kretinga district municipality is situated in Klaipėda county, to the north from Klaipėda district municipality. At the north-western border of the district flows Šventoji, at the eastern one – one of the most beautiful rivers in Žemaitija region – Minija.

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Kretingos muziejus

The Kretinga museum was opened on 12 July 1935. It was established by the teacher Juozas Žilvitis, who donated all his collections to the museum.

Kretingos vienuolynas

The Earl of the Grand Duchy of Lithuania, Count Jonas Karol Chodkevičius, with his wife Sofia, sought to distract the population from paganism and protect it from the spread of Prussian Protestantism.

Kretingos bažnyčia

In 1610–1617, a brick church and monastery were built under the initiative of the Samogitian elder and hetman of the Grand Duchy of Lithuania Jonas Chodkevičius.

Kartenos piliakalnis

Kartena hillfort, also known as the hill of Castle, Swedes or Luztis, is situated in front of Kartena town, on the opposite bank of the River Minija.


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