Balbieriškis Exposure is a geological object of natural heritage. The exposure, which overlooks the splendid views of Nemunas River surrounded by forests and valleys, is located in Prienai district, on the left bank of the river. It is among the most popular tourist destinations in Nemunas Loops Regional Park whose high slopes reveal one of the most beautiful sceneries in Lithuania overlooking the river and its valley with meadows and pinewoods.

Due to its geologically unique and particularity valuable steep slopes and impressive scenery, this exposure was declared to be a geological monument of nature in 1974. The main section of the exposure is 1700 m long and 40 m high (the highest point is around 87 m). The steepness of the slopes is about 50 degrees, but there are areas where they are vertical. The slopes of Balbieriškis Exposure are not very stable resulting in occasional landslides. There are also active ravines or traces of their formation.

The exposure is included in the Nemunas Loops Regional Park territory. It overlooks the magnificent view of Nemunas River bend and its valley with meadows and pinewoods.